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Camo Guide

Camo Guide

We explain to you what camo ist best used in what condition and terrain. Non military hunting camo patterns have been around for over 20 years now. These camo patterns have the advantage, that they were developed especially for hunting. In contrast to military camo, the hunting camo was created to confuse the animal's sight and not the human sight. Many animals see in grey shades and don't see color. This means that a vibrant orange color is just a grey tone to a deer. So even a human can see orange very well a deer will not. With this in mind the hunting camo patterns have been developed over the years and there are some astonishing camo patterns avaiable today. In our buyer's camo guide we will explain each pattern to you and what it is best used for.


Realtree AP

Realtree AP HD 

The Realtree AP camo pattern is a All purpose pattern for the entire year. The camo pattern consists of a lot of brown, grey and a few green tones. This makes it a great camo pattern for the entire year. It is best used in the woods, fields or even along waterlines.

Realtree AP Muster



Realtree APG

Realtree APG

The Realtree APG camo pattern is a All purpose pattern for spring and summer time when nature is showing off its green colours.. The camo pattern consists of a lot of brown, grey and strong green tones. This makes it a great camo pattern for spring and summer. It is best used in the woods,meadows fields or even along waterlines.

Realtree APG Muster


Realtree APS
Realtree APS

The Realtree APS pattern is a snow camo pattern. Perfect for the winter and in snow landscapes.

Realtree APS Muster


Realtree MAX-1
Realtree MAX-1

The Realtree MAX-1 camo pattern is perfect for a rocky or prairie type of landscape. The sand colors and the green brushes make it a great pattern for mountains, rocks, dry meadows and steppe.

Realtree MAX-1 Muster


Realtree MAX-4

Realtree MAX-4

The Realtree MAX-4 camo pattern is the perfect pattern when it comes to waterfowl hunting. The pattern is very brown and perfect to hide between reeds or in fields. Greet pattern for duck, goose, crow or pigeon hunting.

Realtree MAX-4 Muster


Realtree hardwoods
Realtree Hardwoods

The Realtree Hardwoods pattern is perfect for fall and winter month. The brownish colour blends in perfectly in forests, woods and fields.

Realtree Hardwoods Muster



Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity


It took Mossy Oak 3 year development time. Finally they brought out their new Break Up Infinit camo pattern. The new pattern has a very high resolution and looks very three dimensional. It perefectly breaks down the silhuoette of a person. The very dark pattern is perfect for woods ant the forest.Inifinity.png




Mossy Oak Break Up

Mossy Oak Break-Up

The Mossy-Oak Break-Up exists since 1996 and is a highly popular camo pattern with a lot of hunters. The very dark pattern is great for dark woods and forests.

Mossy Oak Muster



Mossy Oak Treestand


The Mossy Oak Treestand pattern was developed as the name already says, for hunting in tree stands. The pattern helps to blend into the crown of a tree.

Treestand Muster


Mossy Oak Obsession

Mossy Oak Obsession

The Mossy Oak Obsession pattern is a great pattern for the summer month. The pattern has a high amount of green, which is perfect for a warm summer forest.

Mossy Oak Obsession Muster


Deerhunter Innovation
Deerhunter Innovation

The Deerhunter Innovation camo pattern uses a combination of various elements from the woods. The dark pattern is developed for european forest use and uses a lot of elements from the european vegetation.

Deerhunter Innovation Muster



Innovation Blaze
Deerhunter Innovation Blaze

The Deerhunter Innovation Blaze is a bright orange camo pattern especially developed for driven hunts. The colour is highly visible to humans, but deer or wild boars see the orange just as another grey tone. This gives the hunter a visiblity to other shooters and great concealment for the game.

Blaze Muster


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